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Logistics Solution

In this globalised world, it is important to be able to react quickly, to provide the best option to our customers and suppliers, and be socially responsible. Ineltro offers a variety of services that can change at the same speed as the market requirements, as well as reacting to the customer’s decision process. Ineltro offers tailor made solutions for its suppliers.

We are not only suppliers for our customers, and we are not only customers for our suppliers – we are the connecting partners between the two.

“Business deals are made by people with people.” W. M., CEO

CRM Systems Handling
We have access to our supplier´s Customer-Relationship-Management software, with which we are able to specifically focus on customer retention and ultimately drive sales growth.
EDI Connections to Suppliers and Customers
A streamlined supply chain with optimised logistics processes, such as advanced shipping notification, including label printing and VMI. Ineltro operates its own in-house IT department, which makes processes easier, faster and more reliable.
SRM Systems Handling
We have access to our customer´s Supplier-Relationship-Management software, with which we can see the immediate demand for a product, and we are able to order and deliver it, before the customers run out of stock.
Just-in-Time deliveries
This is aimed primarily at reducing flow times within the production system, as well as the response times from suppliers and to customers.
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
We provide certain information regarding our supplier´s products to our customers and we take full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material.
Safety Stock
We keep a certain level of extra stock that is maintained to mitigate the risk of stock-outs due to uncertainties in supply and demand. Adequate safety stock levels permit our business operations to proceed according to our plans, thus making our customers happy.
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Between a quarter and a third of all domestic waste is packaging, therefore we recycle the packaging materials.
Data Code Tracking
We are working with the world's leading logistics service providers, which ensure that the products reach their destinations on time and in perfect condition.
Continuous Replenishment (CRP)
Capacity requirements planning (CRP) - this helps us to plan our resources effectively on the operational, financial and strategic level.
We offer customer specific labelling and barcode solutions. In today's fast-paced global supply chain, it's critical to be able to respond to customer requirements quickly and efficiently on a global scale.
Consignment Stock
The risk and rewards regarding the aforementioned stock remain with the world’s leading logistics providers. They ensure that the products you have ordered reach you on time and in perfect condition.