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SOURIAU – Esterline Connection Technologies is committed to the development and production of interconnect solutions for harsh environments in Aerospace – Space & Defense – Heavy Industries – Industrial Equipments. They can offers a complete, innovative, outstanding and competitive product range. SOURIAU – Esterline Connection Technologies has his own Laboratory & Test Center.


Esterline Connection Technologies’ SOURIAU brand offers a wide range of high reliability I/O (Input/Output) connectors, securing the link between equipment and electrical or fiber optic harnessing.

A backshell is a mechanical device threaded into the rear of a connector. The more popular backshells are strain relief, cable clamps and adaptors. The SUNBANK brand offers a wide range of standard and customized backshells for the Aviation and Defense markets.

Esterline Connection Technologies offers its own in-house over-molding cable assemblies for the industrial market. Overmolding is a process that enhances the sealing properties and helps to minimize stress on the cable termination to the connector.

Sunflex (a SUNBANK product) provides an extensive selection of braids, armoring sheathing and convoluted fluorocarbon tubing for conduits under the sun. The rugged Sunflex conduit systems display high temperature survivability (heat to +500°F / cold to -95°F) with long flexure life and superior shielding.

Complete contacts portfolio for specialized applications including PC tail contacts, power contacts, signal contacts, industrial contacts and standard contacts. We  provide technical support for development, prototyping, and industrialization including qualification of all your product range to MIL-39029, MIL-26482, MIL-38999, etc.

Depending on customers specification, Esterline Connection Technologies provides customized interconnect solutions based on a standard product, integrating new functions in existing ranges (like fiber optics, high density, miniaturization, quadrax contacts, etc.) or designing highly customized systems.

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