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The components from FUJITSU Components Europe, B.V., which are focused on four key areas of electromechanical components, are already widely used in major companies throughout Europe. FUJITSU’s component research, design and manufacturing facilities utilize the world’s most advanced techniques enhanced by the strictest of quality control procedures. Customer feedback and on-going market trend analysis ensure that FUJITSU’s products keep pace with the demands of the latest applications.

Product Overview

1. Relays

Quality is the key word when talking about the Fujitsu Components relays. FUJITSU manufactures automotive, signal, high frequency and power relays for a wide range of applications such as: home appliances, smart metering, solar panels, etc.

FUJITSU merged in 1996 with Takamisawa Electric inheriting the well known Takamisawa relay brand. Combining the strengths of both companies, FUJITSU Components remains a major player in the relay manufacturing business and continues developing new relays and improving their current product offering.

Taking the social and environmental responsibilities seriously, FUJITSU designs relays to fully comply with the RoHS and WEEE guidelines. FUJITSU relays predominantly meet the major international safety standards.

2. Connectors

High Speed “microGiGaCN™ I/O and board-to-board stacking connectors, high reliability DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 DIMM and PCIe card edge sockets.

Maximilian Skof
Head of Product Management
 Milorad Kablinovic
Product Manager
  • High-Speed connectors
  • Rectangular connectors
  • DIMM connectors
  • PCI Express connectors
  • Half-Pitch / Narrow-Pitch connectors
  • Active Optical Cables
  • Contact Terminals
  • Tools
3. Touch Panels

In this era where media, leisure and workspace are digitising, the use of touch panels has become more common. FUJITSU recognizes the need for high good quality touch panels and has designed touch panels for a wide range of applications. FUJITSU touch panels generally have high transparency, low reflection and are known for their high standard quality.

FUJITSU’s product range exists of 4-wire, 5-wire, 7-wire resistive touch panels and capacitive touch panels designed and developed to match high quality standards.

The 4-wire series consists of industry-standard products that are ideal for small mobile applications such as PDAs and mobile phones. The 5-wire touch panels feature a design construction that improves linearity and allows maximization of the active touch input area especially in large-size and wide-aspect ratio displays. The Fujitsu 7-wire series utilizes an unique proven technology of measuring the input on two layers to achieve an excellent and precise performance.

4. Thermal Printers

FUJITSU’s thermal printers are renowned for more than 20 years for their quality, which in turn has helped us become established as one of the major thermal printer manufactures. FUJITSU´s thermal printers can be found in many day to day applications such as cash registers, offices, car parks, trucks and POS terminals. FUJITSU thermal printers are also used for applications in emerging markets such as the agriculture and the medical industry. FUJITSU offers a full range of thermal printer products varying in size from two-five inch, battery powered to 24V mechanisms and units, with or without cutter, easy loading system etc. Their mobile Bluetooth printer completes the product range. FUJITSU´s thermal printers are built with high quality steel die cast frames ensuring durability and high speed stable printing.

5. Wireless Modules

Fujitsu wireless modules are designed to facilitate easy and simple integration. The wireless module product range exists out of WLAN, Bluetooth® (version 2.1+EDR and version 4.1 low energy) modules and Smart beacons. The Fujitsu wireless modules are available in surface mount (with and without antenna) and connector joint type. *Coming soon the world’s most powerful Bluetooth® Smart SoC, nRF52 wireless module. Use the button below to request a sample.

6. Beacons

Fujitsu Bluetooth® smart beacons are based upon FUJITSU’s experience in the field of Wireless Modules. The Beacons are Bluetooth® powered location devices capable of providing location based information to mobile devices. Beacons are low energy transmitters that broadcast specific data to trigger an app installed on a mobile device.

Beacons enable pro-active communication with the audience and are used in a wide field of applications such as in-shop promotion, museum, festivals, exhibitions and more.