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Lamezanstraße 10, 1230 Wien
+43 1 61062 151

Mission Statement

Ineltro Electronics GmbH has been active on the Austrian market since 1968 and is one of the largest, privately held companies in the distribution sector. It is our job to meet customer and manufacturer expectations.

Business deals are made by people with people.

Our mission

Ineltro’s objective is to be the best provider of technology and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, service and products. Our mission is to establish an intensive and long term relationship with our business partners based on trust and respect.

Our customers

People, i.e. customers, suppliers and employees, are always number one. We are not only suppliers for our customers, and we are not only customers for our suppliers – we are the connecting partners between the two. Our customers and their expectations and wishes are at the heart of all our activities. We support our customers in logistics, technology and product development, as well as purchasing by procuring electronic components.

Our manufacturers

We have a broad portfolio and can meet almost all the wishes of our customers with our manufacturers. We support them in the process of marketing, “internal design” work and also the distribution of products.

Our employees

We believe in the corporate responsibility of each individual employee. Their interaction with one another is always humane and fair, because there can only be freedom for excellence in a climate of mutual trust.

Our owners

Our owners have a function as role models and make a positive contribution to the value of the company.

Business is ultimately always done by people with people, hence people, i.e. customers, suppliers and employees, are always the top priority. Our work together is driven by respect, competence and often friendship.

Our goal

Our goal is to position ourselves as a design-orientated franchise distributor.