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Lamezanstraße 10, 1230 Wien
+43 1 61062 151


HAHN has been producing an almost unbelievable volume of serval million transformers over past 40 years. These have ensured the benefical use of electrical erergy by consumers all over the world, e.g. for preparing breakfast in the mornings, when going about the daily housework, in industrial production or, when enjoying the relaxing entertainment program in the evenings.

This has been corporate philosophy of the HAHN company since its foundation in 1949. Right from the start, it was the maxim of HAHN to supply products of high quality an to base all efforts on customer-requirements and satisfaction. Corporate growth has been achieved to a dynamic an reliable extent. To ongoing expansion of the manufacturing facilities furthered the improvement in quality and HAHN was able to invest in new products. Today, HAHN employs a workforce of approaching 270, wich serve an international clientele in various an provide reliable customer service an thus contribute to the success of its customers.

HAHN transformers are an indispensable aid everywehre, converting high voltage from wall power sockets to a serviceable source of lower current voltage. The maxim “Performance that builds trust” hase made HAHN´s transformers renowned all over the world.

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