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Nippon Chemi Con (NCC) is the largest manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors worldwide. The headquarters and many manufacturing facilities are located in Japan. Further production areas are located in China, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States.

The company was founded in 1931 and since then produces electrolyte capacitors, its elements as well as the Production machines. This depth of production not only makes NCC an independent company which is very safe against crisis but also allows its extraordinary quality as well as innovativeness.

Quality and reliability is not only a slogan, it is an integral part of the company philosophy for NCC.


The technical performance of capacitors is easily defined by 2 factors:

-> Small case size and
-> high capacitance/high currents which means high power.

Nippon Chemi-Con R&D is continuously investigating on different capacitor types and new technologies regarding these factors.

New Snap-In Series KMZ

New foil etching technologies enable NCC to produce smaller Snap-In capacitor series with same capacitance level. The new technologies allow the KMZ-Series to have the same electrical characteristics as the predecessor series KMW but in a smaller case size. At the moment the new Series offers capacitors with 420 & 450 V.

Please contact us for sample request.

New Polymer Series PXJ

The new SMD-type series with 105°C and 15,000hrs endurance is suitable for super low ESR / high ripple current applications. The PXJ-series is an SMD-Type but, nevertheless, has almost the same electrical specification as NCC’s radial types (e.g. PSE/PSG -series). Therefore the PXJ-Series has more capacitance, less ESR and more Ripple current than the SMD-Series PXF,PXE or PXG.

Update Snap-In Series LXS & KMS

The snap-in series LXS and KMS are now available with a higher voltage range up to 550V. The mass production started in September ’15. Samples are already available. Please contact us if you are interested.