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Lamezanstraße 10, 1230 Wien
+43 1 61062 151


PRECI-DIP packs unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. Advanced designs, top materials and incomparable Swiss precision developed by men and women driven by passion and know-how.

PRECI-DIP is a world leading company in the manufacture of high-reliable spring-loaded contacts that are used in many different fields of the industry. Another successful line is the Mil/Aero contacts made in accordance with the stringent aerospace standards and used in aircrafts, missiles, helicopters, and may other sensitive applications.

PRECI-DIP has developed 300 high-speed turning machines producing precision contacts made of various copper alloys with a total capacity of over 150 million pieces/week.


Spring-loaded connectors / POGO PIN connectors

SLC connectors, PAD connectors

PCB connectors

Socket connectors, Pin connectors, Square Pin connectors, Headers Jumpers

DIL / SIL / To sockets

DIL Sockets, DIL Headers, SIL Sockets, TO Sockets


Sockets Contacts, Pin Contacts


A competitive edge, the ability to innovate, and high productivity are some of the core values at PRECI-DIP. When it comes to Custom Design, there’s an additional value: Teamwork.

Time and again, turning customer ideas and imagination into reality is a very special challenge. This is one of PRECI-DIP’s core strengths.

Everything under one roof: the incomparable advantage of PRECI-DIP becomes even more obvious when it comes to Custom Design. Ready access to material resources is as critical as the expertise of our engineers and the art of developing and designing our own production equipment.

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager