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SAURO (System AUtomation RObotics) is an Italian manufacturer located in Padua leader in the design and automated production of high quality PCB terminal blocks and connectors suitable for manual or wave (traditional products) and reflow soldering (STH® products).

SAURO designs and also builds the machines and automated systems which manufacture its products and performs 100% (pole by pole) functional testing and visual automated inspections on assembly lines in order to guarantee the zero functional defect to the customer.

SAURO is RoHS and REACH compliant and certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

SAURO looks at the future and revolutionizes PCB assembly by perfecting, after years of research, a new technology which is a mixture between the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology), called STH® (SMD Through Hole), similar to PiP-Pin in Paste- and THR-Through Hole Reflow- Technology.

This technology leads to saving space and time in terms of production, and reduces the percentage of error during assembly onto the PCB.

SAURO STH® products (male connectors and terminal blocks) can be used in all reflow soldering processes with lead-free methods and are suitable to be mounted automatically via pick and place devices. According to the type of automated mounting used, STH® products can be packed in tape on reel, tube or tray.


SAURO has set its strategy to ensure high quality products in total compliance with current regulations and international seals (UL, VDE, CSA, IMQ).


male and female single mold from 2 to 25 poles or modular connectors. Various dimensions, versions, pitches and wiring technologies (rising clamp or spring tightening system).


single mold or modular multi-level (till 4 levels) terminal blocks. Various dimensions, versions, pitches.

Terminal Blocks

single mold from 2 to 25 poles or modular terminal blocks. Various dimensions, versions, pitches and wiring technologies (rising clamp or spring tightening system).


Pad printing with bi-component ink obtaining perfectly readable characters (up to four characters per pole in case of 5mm pitch), indelible and resistant to scratch.

This customization, together with the use of adhesive label, is ideal and functioning if it’s necessary to identify each single pole for wiring and mating operations.


The use of different colors allows the identification of different products and reduces the risk of wrong operations. Colored products give also an aesthetically attractive range of combinations and can adapt to the color of the application where they are assembled.


A wide range of accessories to add new features (bridges for short-circuit, auxiliary terminal blocks, etc.).


SAURO is totally driven towards customer’s specifications.

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager