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Walsin is a member of Passive System Allianz (PSA), which focuses on the development of electronic components and services in the electronics sector. This includes; passive components, circuit board, SMT and test services.

Walsin was founded in 1992 in Taiwan. Since then the company is on the way to become one of the largest manufacturers of passive components around the world. Walsin is currently the fifth largest manufacturer of ceramic capacitors and the second largest manufacturer of chip resistors worldwide. Inductors, antennas and filters complete their portfolio.

Product Overview

Manufacturing multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor, chip-resistor, RF components, disc capacitor, varistor, inductor and chip fuse, Walsin Technology is ranked as worldwide top 5 passive component supplier with mass production capacity. Recognizing the importance of technical capability, Walsin strongly committed to R&D with annual spending of 3% of its sales since 2001. To ensure our product specs are in line with customers’ expectations, we benchmark our product development roadmap against industry trend and focus on developing miniaturized and speciality components that are both cost effective and environmental friendly.

Manufacturing multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor


RF components

Disc Capacitor



Antenna Switch & Module


Chip Antenna

SAW Filter

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Peter-Marc Strasser
Product Manager