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ZF is a strong brand in the industrial technology and automotive industries now featuring a full and comprehensive line of switches, sensors and self-powered wireless switches for industry and building automation markets.

ZF switches, controls and sensors stand for quality, reliability and precession and were used for house as well as electrical equipment, vending machines, control devices.


Snap Action Microswitches 

Interlock / Puchbutton

Rocker Switches 

Rocker Switches Sealed

Selector / Thumbwheel

Automotive Switches

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Angle Position Sensors 

Speed & Direction Sensors

Magnetic Proximity Sensors (Hall)

Magnetic Proximity Sensors (Reed)

Digital Vane Sensors

Line Position Sensors


  • Compact & highly efficient Energy harvesting wireless system consisting of a generator and receiver.
  • Network compatible wireless data transfer via RF-technology.
  • “Unique ID” excludes interference between RF-switches.
  • Several frequency bands allow global use within different applications.
  • Flexible “Pairing” allows the operation of several receivers with one switch (and vice versa).
  • Environmentally friendly – no batteries need to be changed or disposed of.
  • Long mechanical life (up to 1.000.000 operations).



  • Integrated receiver (in existing ECU) or as a separate unit (in a housing/as a plug-in receiver PCB).
  • Antenna integrated or external
  • Output interfaces: Low voltage relay 230V / 0.5A; RS 232 TTL Bus; RS 485 TTL Bus; Digital interface (high/low) / SPI; USB


Product Range

  • The product is available in the form of a “raw” energy harvesting generator or generator with PCB and antenna system, as a rocker switch, snap switch or light switch module.
  • A Wireless Switch Module fulfilling KNX-RF 2.0 is also available.


Evaluation Kits

  • Evaluation kits are available, offering a functional demonstration of the technology.
Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager