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KERAFOL – Keramische Folien GmbH was founded in 1985 and has over
200 employees at the moment. Kerafol develope and manufacture ceramic tapes for versatile applications with a special manufacturing process. These tapes may then be used unsintered as a final product or sintered being used as a planar ceramic component.

Kerafol has developed a wide product range, used in many different areas of application. (Microelectronics / Thermal Management, Filtration, Sensor technology, SOFC fuel cells, LTCC technology to name a few….).


KERATHERM® – Standard Films

KERATHERM® – Standard Films silicon free

KERATHERM® – Thermal Grease

KERATHERM® – Phase-Change-Material

KERATHERM® – Softtherm®

KERATHERM®  – Softtherm films silicon-free

KERATHERM® – Thermal Compounds

KERATHERM® – Graphite films

KERATHERM® – Ferris F 96

KERATHERM® – Adhesive films

KERATHERM® – Adhesive coating

KERATHERM® – Special products

Setter / kiln furniture

Thin and thick film substrates

Ceramic wear protection

Ceramic Tapes

Tape Development (R & D)

Ceramic Filter Discs

Ceramic Filter Plates

Ceramic Membrane Discs

Rental filtration plants

Electrolyte substrates

Electrolyte supported cells (ESC)

Glass sealing tape

Sintering setters

KERAFLEX® unsintered

KERAFLEX® Starterkit

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager FAE
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