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OKW was founded in 1984 as an independent development and distribution company in Germany. OKW represents high functionality and innovation, aesthetic design and user-friendly color choice, convincing ergonomics, outstanding quality and partnership. OKW Gehäusesysteme and knobs are available in almost all countries and application areas all over the world, for example, in the measurement and control equipment, medical and laboratory technology, data communication as well as heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology.

Product Overview

The OKW range of plastic enclosures covers many different applications, for example, handheld enclosures, wall mount enclosures, flush mounting / DIN rail enclosures, desktop enclosures, table top enclosures, instrument enclosures, standard mounting rail enclosures etc. Choose the enclosure whose design, size and configuration best meet your particular requirements. Modern electronics packaging by OKW is characterized by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality and high-quality molding and finishes.  With all conceivable technologies available in-house, we can finish and process the plastic enclosures and adapt them to your requirements.

Award winning extruded aluminium enclosures with plastic top and base panels.

OKW Gehäusesysteme has over 40 years’ experience in the development and production of potentiometer knobs. Today OKW can offer a wide range of modern and traditional tuning knob designs for spindles from 3 to 8 mm. OKW´s latest operating elements combine special technical features with a contemporary appearance. This includes optional LED illumination, flush-fitting installation, a main body which is slightly inclined towards the internal axis, function-oriented marking elements, modern colour selection etc.

Customisation according to your requirements.

OKW can supply the enclosures exactly to your needs, ready to install all of your components and assemblies.

Tell us what you need to complete your particular product design. OKW can process and modify our enclosures and tuning knobs. For example machining, lacquering, printing, decor foils, EMC shielding and so on.

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager