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STRADA-2X2MX-T2-S – Street lighting for high or dense pole setups

Standardized 2X2MX module family for Super high-power LEDs expands with a new T2-S version. STRADA-2X2MXT2-S has a typical IEASNA Type II Short light distribution and is a perfect building block for high or dense pole setups. Providing high quality lighting with an excellent cutoff, glare control and no backward spilling which are suggested for higher road lighting requirements (f.ex. ME1) such as freeways and main roads. STRADA-2X2MX-T2-S module comes with an integrated silicone gasket for IP67-ready luminaires.


  • Standard 90 x 90mm 2X2MX footprint
  • IESNA Type II Short beam for high or dense pole setups
  • Optimized LED spacing for excellent performance and thermal design
  • Great cutoff and minimized light spilling


  • Highways and main roads (high poles or dense spacing)
  • Parking lots (car highlighting)
  • High mast

STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL – Type II/III (Long) for very wide pole to pole distances

LEDiL´s 2X6 optics are the modules behind the most efficient and long-lasting street lights. The STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL is targeted for the European S-class lightingwith longitudinal beam falling between the IESNA classes Type II/III medium or long. With the special attention given to minimize light spilling to the house side and carefully directed beam, it has an reach that allows pole distances to be up to ten times the mounting height. STRADA-IP-2X6-SCL is IP67 protected with an integrated silicone gasket and optimized for the latest range of 5050 size LED packages.


  • Designed for European S-class
  • Longitudinal very wide beam pattern falling typically between IESNA Type II/III medium or long
  • Optimized for pole to pole distance to be up to ten times the mounting height
  • Standardized modular footprint allows future-proof solutions


  • Residential roads
  • Pedestrian/bicycle lanes
  • General road lighting
  • Outdoor lighting

STRADA-IP-2X6-T2 and T3-B – Type II/III (Medium) with minimized spill light to house side

LEDiL proudly presents the new 2X6 module designed for the IESNA Type 2 and 3 street lighting. These new “-B” versions are revised from the well known -T2 and -T3 designs, maintaining close to identical beam performance and functionality, but with reduced house-side spill light. These “facelift” versions are especially recommended for new designs, but can be quickly adapted into earlier designs bringing the performance close to perfection. Both versions include an integrated silicone gasket to allow IP67 rated luminaires.


  • Well established 2X6 module based structure
  • Wide square-shaped beam pattern
  • Integrated silicone gasket for IP67 rated products


  • Roads and streets
  • Wide outdoor areas