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Ineltro receives Award of Distributionship from Samwha

The Korean manufacturer Samwha awards Ineltro the Award of Distributionship 2018

At the electronica 2018 Ho-Jin Hwang, the president of Samwha handed the Award of Distrubtionship over to Ineltro. Our CEO, Wolfgang Martinschitz, received the award together with Mihael Georgijev (procurator), Peter Strasser (product management) and Claudia Cerha (purchase).

The following words are engraved on the trophy: “In Recognition Outstanding Performance and Contribution in Promoting MLCC of SAMWHA CAPACITOR in Europe as an Official Authorized Distributor of SAMWHA CAPACITOR CO., LTD.”

Peter-Marc Strasser
Product Manager
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Simon Romanek
Product Manager
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