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Hammond 2019 Newsletter – 1551V IoT Vented Sensor Enclosures

The distributed intelligence capability inherent in the IoT increasingly requires small sub-systems housed in robust enclosures to be installed in the factory environment. In many IoT systems, environmental sensors, monitoring basics such as temperature, humidity and pressure are widely dispersed, and, increasingly, they are now intelligent sub-systems, with data processing and communications capability embedded on a small PCB. The new 1551V family of miniature ventilated enclosures have been designed specifically for housing such intelligent sensors that require physical protection combined with free passage of air.

While there is no international standard for physical sizes, many of the newest products from leading sensor manufacturers are designed on the PCB sizes listed below. For active components that produce relatively large amounts of waste heat, the 1551V obviously provides excellent airflow for cooling purposes.

Key product attributes:

  • Designed for housing IoT sensors.
  • Four plan sizes, all 20mm high. 80 x 80, 80 x 40, 60 x 60 and 40 x 40mm.
  • Height gives enough space for board-mounted RJ45, USB and other standard interfaces.
  • Four PCB mounts in the base. Maximum PCB sizes: 58 x 49, 58 x 23, 38 x 29 and 23 x 23mm.
  • ABS UL94-HB in three colours: black, grey and white.
  • Ventilation slots on all four faces.
  • Snap-fit closure gives easy opening and closing without tools.
  • Mounting slots in the base.
  • 15mm cable knock out in the base.

Click here for a short 1551V product overview video.

There is a new short form catalogue available

2018 English shortform catalogue

2018 German shortform catalogue

All standard enclosures need to be configured before they can be used. So we can also offer a Hammond in-house mod services to bring your new project to market, on time and on budget. The Hammond modification sevieces includes:

  • machining
  • printing
  • drilling
  • custom painting and moulding colours

To contact us to discuss a specific requirement, call +43 61 0 62 – 0 or send us an email.

To help you in specifying your requirements, you can download PDF, AutoCAD .dxf and 3D Solid Model .igs and .stp files for all our products from

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