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Kerafol: Next-Gen Thermal Management E-Mobility

Ultra-low viscosity Gap Filler Liquids – handling like a potting material while performing like a high class thermally conductive and electrical isolating Gap Filler.

The switch to electric drive systems and the increasing variety of sensors and electronics imply completely new challenges for the automotive sector. Besides the field of the electric powertrain, the battery is one of the most critical parts of the EV or PHEV. A perfect temperature control is crucial and therefore, the selection and integration of thermal interface materials is essential.

Of course, there are many different types of battery cells, modules, manufacturers and requirements on the market, which vary widely. This in turn leads to a lot of different thermal management solutions. The most common solution, is to transfer the heat of the cells to the bottom of the module and to connect these cells with a Gap Filler Liquid (GFL), which will compensate for any kind of mechanical tolerances.

Also a thermal connection to the side of the module can be useful. Depending on the size of the battery modules, which can be a very large area and in the case of the side connection thin gaps must be covered.

Product details

Ø  Softherm 3500:

o   3,5 W/mK, very good compression properties

o   Self-adhesive/sticky

o   Price Level and thermal performance between 86/325 and 86/450

o   A very good alternative to Bergquist GapPad HC 3.0

o   Standard Thickness: 1,0 mm up to 4 mm (in 0,5 mm steps)

Ø  Keratherm KL95:

o   Thermal adhesive film in a thickness of 0.18 mm

o   Alternative to KL90/91, if that thickness range is sufficient (low tolerances) -> remember, the thickness of KL90/91 is 0,3 mm

o   Available as roll material (cutted or sold by meter)

Ø  Gap Filler GFL 1800 SL:

o   Very low viscosity, means very good flow behaviour so that even very small gaps can be filled

o   Self-levelling

o   1,8 W/mK

o   Special processing notes

o   Standard packaging unit: 1,5 kg/box