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FASTRON – 4 new non-magnetic variants

FASTRON expands its portfolio of axial leaded inductors and add 4 new non-magnetic variants – 05CCM, 06CCM, 08CCM and 12CCM – of leaded inductors to the catalogue.

The 4 new chokes differentiate in size and – of course – in electrical parameters. The new series of inductors shares the exclusive use of a phenolic core as well as enameled copper wire for lowest coil resistance. All chokes are available with ±10% and ±20% inductance tolerance. 05CCM, 06CCM and 08CCM are covered with an epoxy coating and color coding, the 12CMM is offered with tube.

As the new chokes are non-magnetic, they can be used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging environmental applications. In addition – compared with standard axial leaded chokes – the new series offer exceptional high Q and performs best in HF applications, e.g. in resonant circuits, filter sections and in distortion correction.

The operating temperature of the new series is -55°C to +125°C including self-heating of the component. As with all FASTRON components, the 05CCM, 06CCM, 08CCM and 12CCM are suitable for lead-free soldering and RoHS compliant. All 4 series are available taped in reel and taped in ammo pack, except 12CCM, which is available in tape & reel only.

Please find attached the datasheets of 05CCM, 06CCM, 08CCM and 12CCM.