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OKW: Slim-Case Slim design handheld enclosure

SLIM-CASE demonstrates what is possible with the design of a modern handheld enclosure, in terms of both appearance and function. The almost frameless design makes it possible to install low profile electronic components and assemblies as well as large displays and touchscreens of up to 4ʺ (10 cm) into a compact device.
Despite the small and handy dimensions, SLIM-CASE offers plenty of space inside for standard components such as PCBs, plug connectors, interfaces, sensors etc. Modern wireless data transfer/communication technology can also be accommodated in these slim innovative enclosures.

  • Rounded sides and a flat compact design give the enclosure an extremely elegant look. They are also very comfortable to hold and allow functions that benefit from this design.
  • The top part is available with three different operating panel designs to suit your individual control and display concept:
    Flat operating panel
    For easy arrangement of push buttons, displays, LEDs etc. Plus, printing of logos and legends.
    Recessed (1 mm) operating panel
    Ideal for applications with product labels.
    Recessed (1.6 mm) operating panel
    For fitting the transparent front screen or a membrane keypad.
  • The transparent front screen (accessory) protects the displays underneath. It is rounded on the long edges to follow the contoured ergonomic shape of the case. Mounted with a double-sided adhesive film giving protection class up to IP 65. On request, supplied individually printed from behind to match your visible display as well as masking the adhesive film.
  • Suitable for fitting inductive charging with the correct coil, using NFC technology with Qi chargers. If required, internal power supply with a flat battery on the PCB.
  • with and without TPE intermediate ring.
  • protection class IP 54: SLIM-CASE vers. IV-VI with TPE intermediate ring;
    protection class up to IP 65: SLIM-CASE vers. I-III with optional seal
  • The TPE intermediate ring increases the installation height, serves as a sealing ring for IP54 protection class and provides impact protection. TPE in special colours, available on request.
  • enclosure parts made of ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0), off-white (RAL 9002)
  • individual machining, e.g. cutouts for operating and display elements, interfaces, lettering, EMC aluminium vapour plating etc. on request


Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager
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