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DDM Hopt+Schuler

ddm hopt+schuler has been helping to actively shape market development for over 40 years with their globally successful card readers, ticketing systems, and miniature switches. Over these four decades, they have developed a comprehensive range of products and expertise which makes the company one of the leading providers in the sector.

ddm hopt+schuler stands for “designer”, “developer”, and “manufacturer”. Their customers all over the world value they ability to offer a complete service – from individual product design through technical development and on to production in any quantity required.


Our card readers transfer data from magnetic cards, smart cards and RFID cards. Naturally, we also provide two-in-one devices which read information both from the microchip and the magnetic stripe. And everyone of our readers can be RFID compatible on request thanks to ddm hopt+schuler’s modular structure and flexible production.

Press, print, take ticket, open. Or: Card in, card out, open. In short, there are multitude ways for your customers to gain access while creating an accounting basis. There are fee-paying systems with what is now almost the traditional method of purchasing a paper ticket, or, using a special smart card or magnetic card, for example, in multi-storey car parks, or a RFID chip which communicates with the base from a card or from the car. To create the perfect solution for you we have designed and developed a modular system. It is very simple to modify the modules and adapt them to your individual task in hand. The flexible ddm hopt+schuler production system allows for low-cost production of the quantities required in this sector.

Switches are one of the most popular components for communicating between people and machines. The range of applications, and thus requirements, is correspondingly wide, with a wide range of resulting designs to match. What unites them is that they are all quite small, are all hidden behind a decorative structure with an attractive haptic design – and are all from ddm hopt+schuler. Our miniature switches product range provides you with a wide spectrum of switches to turn, press, slot, push, toggle, slide and keylock switches, as well as encoders. They are modular and easily adaptable to your individual requirements. The flexible ddm hopt+schuler production system makes it possible.

Christoph Abel
Product Manager