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VINATech, established in 1999, has fast become one of the leading energy storage system producers in South Korea. Vinatech is promising energy storage device that positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitor and rechargeable batteries.

We contribute to a sustainable society, providing eco-friendly
products to fulfill our partners’ satisfaction.


Hy-Cap Single cell

  • EDLC single cell
  • Hybrid single cell


Hy-Cap Module

  • 2-serial Module
  • Customized Module

Hy-Cap is an energy storage device that stores instantly a large volume of electric energy and supplies instantly or continuously higher current, by the mechanism of absorbing and de-absorbing electric charge.

Hy-Cap’s are made of activated carbons, processed in an eco-friendly method, which features higher power, density, and longer life.

VINATech developed the original technology involving CNF (Carbon Nano Fiber) through independent research projects, in 2002.Subsequent development includes different carbon solutions including activating carbons, controlling the shape, composite and metal impregnated activation.

The application range of VINATech’s carbon solutions includes CNF, catalyst support for fuel cells, MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly), and electrode and filter materials.

Christian Kinauer
Product Manager