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AB Elektronik

AVX Corporation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions. Their product range includes ceramic, tantalum and film capacitors, a wide range of chip inductors, extensive line of RF components and a variety of connector types. AVX manufacturing facilities are located all over the world, with development locations in Czech Republic, Israel, France, United Kingdom and in the United States. With AVX´s technology leading products, Ineltro´s outstanding customer support and long standing partnership with AVX, which goes back more than 20 years, we are able to fulfill customers´needs in a broad range of industries.

Under the AB Elektronik Brand, we develop and produce intelligent sensor systems and control units for the global automotive industry. On state of the art and even beyond. Our products make engines more efficient, emissions cleaner, cars safer and help the transition to electromobility.

Product overview






Electronic Throttles


Switches / Proxistors

Fluid Property


LED Lighting

Driver for Centrifuge

MCU for Electrical in-Wheel-Drive System


LED Lighting

Peter-Marc Strasser
Product Manager
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