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FASTRON was founded in Munich in 1978 and is a well-known name for inductors. FASTRON operates globally and maintains sites for development, production and distribution in Germany, Hungary, Malaysia and the USA.

The product portfolio of FASTRON includes chip- to power inductors, both wired and SMD chokes, magnetically shielded as well as unshielded chokes. FASTRON also manufactures a wide range of customer-specific inductances.

FASTRON products can be found in nearly all applications, whether in filter applications for RF modules, as interference suppression chokes for motor applications, as ballast in classic emergency lights or in driver configurations for LED luminaires, in power management and also in the automotive sector with corresponding AEC-Q200 qualification.

FASTRON inductors comply with the RoHS regulation and are produced according to European quality standards. All locations are certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 standards.


  • Chip Inductors for RF Applications
  • Chip Inductors for Power Applications
  • RFID Transponder Coils
  • Leaded Inductors
  • Suppression Coils
  • Plugable Inductors
  • Wide Band Chokes And Beads
  • SMD Power Inductors
  • Strip Wound Cut Cores
  • Rod Core Chokes
  • Toroid Line Chokes
  • Suppression Coils
  • Standard Metal Enclosures
peter strasser 200x200
Peter-Marc Strasser
Product Manager