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MegaChips is a semiconductor leader whose technology transforms the world we live in by helping each one of us achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives. Leveraging decades of technology excellence, partnerships and acquisitions, we are shaping the next wave of the digital revolution, adding significant value for businesses and consumers in the areas of Internet of Things, displays, enterprise, and mobile computing all around the world.

Enabling everyday life through innovation

Product Overview

  • MegaChips is an industry leader in DisplayPort developing next generation Video interface products
  • USB type-C DisplayPort Alt-Mode Switching Retimers
  • eDSP™ is a state-of-the-art sensor processing engine developed to perform high-end arithmetic processing in real-time at a fraction of the power compared to most microcontrollers in the market today.
  • MegaChips provides complete services from traditional ASIC to COT. Your specification or GDSII tapes are quickly converted into finished products and production shipments.
Christoph Abel
Product Manager
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