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Piher, a company founded in 1950 in Barcelona (Spain), is a specialist manufacturer of standard and custom controls and sensor solutions, also specialised in contactless technologies and outstanding track-record in electronic components in automotive, off-road, aerospace, industrial, marine and appliance sectors.

Piher is part of Amphenol Corporation, a worldwide leader Company in the electronic market, with >70,000 employees and 100 facilities all over the world.

Thanks to this integration, Piher is supporting with uncompromising attitude towards achieving technological and service leadership, as well as solid financial strength and stability thus ensuring efficient, low cost production, product innovation and continuity of investment in longterm research and development programs.

We put at customer´s disposal our creativity, technology innovation and “know-how” permitting you to achieve important technical and competitive advantages.

Product Overview

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager

Contactless sensors

With truly non-contacting sensing (no gears inside subject to wear), high repeatability, low power consumption and wireless option, Piher’s contactless sensors provide an all-in-one integrated and maintenance free solution for harsh environments markets such as

  • Agriculture (tractor and complements)
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Marine engine
  • Industrial (lift cranes, robotics etc)
  • Medical
  • Automation
  • Test & Measurement

Piher rotary absolute angle sensors and hall effect linear position sensors can be sealed and flange mounted for easy positioning when necessary. They provide excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability under extreme environment conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic noise, shock, extreme temperatures / humidity, dither, moisture or dirt.


  • Application-patented design can be fitted anywhere on a shaft, giving engineers the flexibility to be creative.
  • Easy-to-assemble, so production line costs are less than those of other sensor solutions.
  • No maintenance needed over the product’s life.
  • Delivers the same level of 360-degree precision and stability over at least 50 million rotational cycles as the day of installation—despite extremes of vibration, shock, temperature and contamination.
  • Slimline, low cost, long life.
  • 360° sensing for extreme environments using the magnetic Hall effect.
  • Absolute output with linearity up to +/- 0.5% for over 50 million cycles

Printed PCB carbon resistors

Printed Resistors PCB are thick-film resistive ink elements designed around customers’ unique assemblies. PIHER’s thick film inks can be printed on a wide range of substrates — from high temperature ceramics to common PCB materials.

Our market-leading thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of fixed resistors, switches, potentiometer tracks and conductors onto virtually any size, shape or PCB form. This versatility offers an enormous range of design possibilities at competitive prices, even in low batch quantities.




  • Low cost.
  • No insertion costs, errors or soldering problems.
  • Unlimited fixed and variable resistor combinations.
  • Voltage-divider calibration.
  • Special ohmic values.
  • Resistive values can be laser trimmed for accurate tolerances.
  • Wiper interfaces to your specification.
  • Low profile.

Main applications:


    • Climate control.
    • Headlight positioning control.
    • Mirror position sensor.
    • Headlight position sensor.
    • Power sunroof controls.
    • Fuel tank level sensor.
    • Pedal sensors.
    • Instrument panel controls.
    • Dimmers for lighting.
    • Seat position sensor.
    • Steering column controls.

    • Light dimmers.
    • Speed control for power tools.
    • Sewing machine controls.
    • Rotary switches.



    • Heavy-duty equipment.
    • Material handling equipment.
    • Marine grade sensors.
    • AG and farm equipment.


Over 60 years perfecting product design, automation and process stability for bespoke and standard potentiometric sensors and controls.

In addition to customising and configuring our established catalogue of six to 21mm rotary position sensors and controls, we will design and manufacture any contacting solution in any size based on our tried-and-tested potentiometer technology and processes. Typically, this includes the deployment of shafts, gears, detent, printed PCB resistors, connectors and harnesses in a single module.

Additional features and optional extras: built-in switch, long life, non-flammable, low torque, cut track, crimped terminals, multiple wiper positions, gang, rotor and shaft colour and version selection, packaging (bulk, tape on reel, ammopack, magazine and embossed tape).

  • Surface and through-hole mounted
  • Potentiometer with detents
  • Potentiometer with endless rotation


  • Configurable and customiseable potentiometers catalogue.
  • Bespoke mechatronics.
  • Market-leading thick film carbon technology.
  • Innovative contactless Hall effect solutions for rugged applications.
  • Rapid prototyping and production ramp-up.
  • Leading lead-times.
  • Serving global supply chains from production in Europe and Asia.
  • Worldwide customer support.