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Rego Electronics Inc.

Rego, which is based in Taiwan, has a dynamic electronics design and production environment. There is a wide choice in manufacturers and assembly houses. Rego offers engineering and design expertise for your products and work with you based on the detailed specs you provide. Rego is a trusted partner in small numbers, batches as well as in large volumes.

A one-stop-shopping partner:

Rego offers one-stop-shopping for a full package of interconnect products and thermal solutions.

Interconnect Product Offerings

Rego supplies a broad line of interconnect products, including Backplane, Cable Assemblies, Input/Output, Power, Storage interface, Edge Card, Memory Card, Battery Pack, Wire to Board, Board to Board connectors as well as Optical solutions to enable cost-effective electronic equipment and devices for various markets such as Data, Networking, Communications, Automotive and Industrial.

Thermal Product Offerings

Rego has a great diversity of thermal products, ranging from the smallest board level cooling solution to several thousand kilowatts industrial applications. Industries served include Power Conversion, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Aerospace/Defense, LED Lighting, Factory Automation, Consumer, and Medical.

Line Overview

1. Interconnect Products
2. Thermal Products
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Maximilian Skof
Product Manager
High Speed Cable Assembly