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Product Overview

EMC Filter

Schaffner offers the world’s broadest selection of EMC/EMI filters and chokes. The portfolio starts from small single-phase components and PCB-Mounted filters and reaches up to high power three phase Filters. Standardized and customer-specific solutions – with full engineering support – help to meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment.

Active and passive harmonic filters

They help to obtain compliance with international Power Quality standards and with local utility codes. They reduce the electrical and thermal burden upon the electrical infrastructure, mitigate the risk of harmonics-related reliability problems and support long-term energy efficiency and cost savings

Output filters and load reactors

They protect electric drive systems, prevent from expensive equipment downtime and premature motor failure. Dedicated Schaffner products even allow the deployment of unshielded motor cables, the use of multiple motors in parallel on the same drive or the retrofit of modern drives in existing installations with old motors and unshielded cabling

Transformers & Inductors

:Schaffner is specialized in the design and manufacture of non-standard dry-type magnetic components for demanding power electronic applications, such as railroad, wind power, solar PV, and energy efficiency. The scope of capabilities ranges from low kVA to 12MVA

The company, with the headquarter in Luterbach in Switzerland, was founded in 1962 by Hans Schaffner – a specialist for electromagnetic compatibility. The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of solutions which ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems. Together with Schaffner, we support our customers with expertise and services in the fields of development consultancy, EMC testing, application support and production.