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Lamezanstraße 10, 1230 Wien
+43 1 61062 151

Taiyo Yuden

Taiyo Yuden is a Japanese electronics company with the headquarter in Tokyo.

The company was founded by Hikohachi Sato in 1950. The product range consist of multilayer ceramic capacitors/inductors, Power Inductors (SMD/Metal/Ferrite/wire wound chip), Ferrite Beads, High Frequency products such Antennas or filters, Super Capacitors, Wireless module and High reliability Products for Automotive, Medical or Industry Markets.


  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Power Inductors
  • Wire wound chip inductors
  • Beads inductors
  • FBAR/SAW Devices
  • Chip Antennas
  • Super Capacitors
  • Wireless Modules
  • Products for High reliability Applications
peter strasser 200x200
Peter-Marc Strasser
Product Manager