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Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1928 ist C&K führend in der technologischen Entwicklung elektromechanischer Schalter. Die unübertroffenen Designfunktionen des Unternehmens, die auf die Kundenbedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind, werden weltweit von Entwicklungsingenieuren anerkannt, die eine qualitativ hochwertige Schalterleistung verlangen.

C&K hat seinen Hauptsitz in Waltham, Massachusetts (USA) und globale Designzentren neben seinem Hauptsitz in Dole (Frankreich) und Huizhou (China).

C&K-Produkte werden u. a. in Automobil-, Industrie-, Medizin- und Konsumgütern eingesetzt. Sie werden in über 55.000 Standardprodukten und 8,5 Millionen Schalterkombinationen an Unternehmen montiert, die Elektronikprodukte entwerfen, herstellen und vertreiben.

Ganz gleich, ob Sie sich für eine Universalschaltereinheit, für einen Feueralarm, eine kompakte Start/Stopp-Taste, für eine Bootsanwendung, einen Schaltmechanismus, für ein chirurgisches Gerät mit einer bestimmten Betätigungskraft oder ein maßgeschneidertes Mehrstellungs-Snap-Switch-Modul zur Temperatureinstellung interessieren, Sie können sich darauf verlassen, dass C&K immer die bestmögliche Lösung liefert.


C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations to companies that design, manufacture and distribute electronics products. Our high-quality, reliable switches are available in a variety of formats and styles, including tactile, pushbutton, keyswitch, detect, navigation, rotary, DIP, switch or key locks, toggle, miniature or power rocker, slide, snap acting and thumbwheel.

At C&K, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the largest amount of potential switch features on the market. From illuminated switches, to sealed switches, to switches that mount on the surface, or switches with a broad range of operating forces and lever styles – C&K ensures you find the right fit for your design. Follow the links below for more information.


C&K’s smart card connectors are EMV and PCI compliant, and offer full-size card card acceptance as well as SIM/SAM cards. All smart card connectors are compatible with lead free SMT reflow soldering processes. Full-size smart card connectors feature up to 500,000 cycles lifetime, while SIM/SAM models range from 30,000 to 50,000 cycles.

Keeps Card Readers Going

C&K’s reliable smart card connectors include low profile designs, fixed and hinged covers, and card detection sealed switches for a wide variety of applications.


  • payment transactions (credit and debit cards)
  • identification (health, social security)
  • vending machines
  • metering transactions
  • handheld products (POS systems on mobile devices)
  • digital satellite receivers (GPS systems)
  • digital set-top boxes (satellite TV)

3. High Reliability ConnectorS

The harsh environments encountered by many applications in the space, military, medical, aerospace and automotive industries require highly robust and reliable components, especially connectors, which must cope with extreme operating conditions.

C&K’s portfolio of high-reliability (HiRel) connectors are specifically manufactured to withstand the electrical and mechanical stresses caused by factors such as vibration, extremes of temperature, corrosion, magnetism, and outgassing.

Our connectors are ESA/ESCC, MIL and NASA certified. We offer D-Sub, Micro-D and MTB1 formats as well as our innovative Space Splice system, and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including satellites/launchers, harnesses, payloads, antenna connexions, and many more.

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Produkt Manager