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Metz Connect

METZ CONNECT is a medium-sized, family-run German company. Technology, innovation, solidarity, reliability – what counts is the responsibility to their employees and market partners. All divisions of the company are managed in a sustainable manner and on the basis of certified quality standards.

Today, the METZ CONNECT Group stands for high quality in the area of contact technology and with connection elements in the electrical engineering and electronics sectors. Around the world, their products guarantee secure and reliable connections for a smooth flow of information – from the printed circuit board to the infrastructure environment.

METZ CONNECT has exceptional development and production expertise. Experience and consistent innovation have always inspired the markets.

Product Overview

Board-to-Board connectors

Board-to-Board connectors in a large variety for connecting and arranging PC boards.

PC board terminal blocks

Terminal blocks for PC board terminal blocks for signal and data streams, medium control streams and network connection terminals and output terminals.

Pin headers and female connectors

Pin headers and female connectors for standard soldering processes as well as reflow-capable versions as THR or SMD/SMT. Available with various centrelines and different numbers of poles for vertical and horizontal mounting solutions.

PC board jacks and plugs

PC board jacks and plugs in various designs. RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, USB or M12. We have the right solution.

DIN rail housings

DIN rail housings offer flexibility, ease of connection and installation as well as a high degree of customization for rail-mounted devices and future-oriented applications in building automation.

Plugs and jacks for network cabling

The portfolio with RJ, USB, M12, coax and fiber optic connectors for cabling systems offers a variety of plugs and jacks in different performance and protection classes for copper and fiber optic connections.

Cables and wires

The decision between fiber optic or copper data cables as the ideal solution to the workplace depends on many factors: the environment, the network basis and the planning horizon. Whatever you choose, with fiber optic or copper data cables from METZ CONNECT, optimally tailored to the requirements of all structural levels of local networks, you are on the future-proof side.

Cable connectors

The class EA and Class FA cable connectors from METZ CONNECT are the intelligent solution for extending or connecting data lines easily and without the use of special tools.

Wall outlets

For structured cabling, we have wall outlets that guarantee maximum flexibility. Whether modular or compact wall outlets, underfloor units or connections for the top hat rail, we offer options for copper (RJ45) and FO connections with different port numbers in different performance classes.

Patch panels

For the distribution of structured cabling, we offer patch panels, module frames or subracks with suitable accessories for copper and fiber optic connections in module or compact design, in different performance classes, height units and with different port numbers.

I/O components

I/O components for BACnet, Modbus, LON and CAN network environments for the acquisition and control of sensors and actuators at the field level of building and industrial automation.

Energy controlling

Energy management describes a cycle from data acquisition to the analysis of key figures to the planning and optimization of energy use.

Interface modules

Interface modules are used in the control and automation technology for the separation, reshaping, processing, converting and adapting of signals.

Measuring and monitoring relays

Monitoring relays are used for the safe and precautionary monitoring of important system parameters such as voltage and current, phase failure, phase sequence, asymmetry, temperature and level monitoring.

Timer relays

With timer relays, simple control and automation tasks for universal applications can be solved.

Ricarda Teufelhofer
Product Manager