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New E-Bike Sensor from ZF

E-Bikes form by now an integral part on the roads and emphasise their importance with continuously growing sales figures and an increasing market share. The E-Bike manufacturers are regularly launching innovations and technical progressions. The manufacturer TQ-Systems has initiated and established the market segment for premium class vehicles E-Bikes and has technically revolutionized the market with its TQ HPR120S-Motor. An important part is the E-Bike sensor from ZF for the measurement of the current speed.

For premium E-Bikes, all components must be qualitatively and functionally at its finest, from the drive to the battery and wiring. This is also valid for the speed sensor from ZF that in the TQ application delivers 18 pulses per rotation with a 18-fold coding. This results in a much higher resolution as with standard sensors which in practice leads to a finer, more direct appeal of the E-Bike drive – especially at lower speed (e.g. for hill starts). The speed sensor mounted on the back wheel provides the system with precise information on the current speed. In combination with a torque sensor it enables a better alignment of the overall system. In addition, the ZF sensor is tamper-resistant and always submits precise results.

The E-Bike sensor is developed based on the Hall technology and works completely contactless.  According to customer request, the contacting can be preselected via connector or cable whereas the cable length is flexible. The sensors need a continuous power supply of 4.5 – 20 VDC and measure frequencies between 1 and 2,500 Hz. They are designed for a temperature range from -20°C to +100°C and fulfill the requirements of IP67. Originally, the ZF sensor has been developed for ABS applications.

However, besides E-bikes also E-scooters are a typical target market for the small and efficient sensor.

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